Polskie Frykasy

Polskie Frykasy was established in 2004. The idea was to find a form in which to dress the best memories. Delicious, Polish fruits as stylish, elegant gifts: for your loved ones, friends, foreign guests… Tempting not only with taste, but also with beautiful packaging, associated with the best in our country. Is it possible? Of course it is! We reached for Polish folklore, full of colors and vitality. We wanted to create a modern project, so the folk aesthetics was complemented by: delicate typeface, inscriptions in English and aesthetic, minimalist, white background. Our painter couldn’t resist – he painted the fruits with watercolours, rendering their juiciness and natural taste. Poland tastes so sweet!

Type of activity:

Sweets production

Time of execution:

3 months

The scope of our work:

Photo shoot
Packaging design
Web site