Pizca del Mundo

The packaging of Pizca del Mundo coffee brings to mind not only distant places at the end of the world, such as the slopes of the Andes or the rainforests of the Amazon, but also Tim Burton’s climatic fairy tales.

The packaging series was designed by the artist Paulina Mager. Szczypta Świata (Pizca del Mundo) is a Polish brand that offers ecological products with Fairtrade certificate. This means that each package of coffee, cocoa or yerba contains high quality raw material, obtained in an ethical way, maintaining the principle of fair-play towards people working hard on their small plantations. However, a brand is not only about packaging, but also about the way it communicates with its customers.

Our task was to refresh the logo and ensure the consistency of the image of Pizca del Mundo. As a result of the lifting, the logo now has a fairy-tale character, according to the style of the packaging. The brand is promoted especially in social media, so we designed a series of templates for posts. We have also created a frame scheme and several blobs in 3 colours, which gives a very wide range of applications. Now creating consistent brand communication in SM will be much easier.

Type of activity:

Organic food products

Time of execution:

2 months

The scope of our work:

Logo lifting
Visual Identity System