“Television is for everyone, that is, for no one. Mañana is for you that is not for everyone. “The world outside of Mañana exists, but to hell with it.” ” “There is hell. It’s hot in there. It’s heaven. It’s clear there. And there’s Mañana. It’s cool in there. “It’s just a few of the ten commandments of the Mañana Club Manifesto. For 15 years, this place has been a magnet for people looking for entertainment and unusual experiences. The anniversary was an opportunity to organize a series of unforgettable events, create a music album and print a publication that will summarize the club’s comprehensive activities. From cabarets and cult disguises, through music concerts and theatre performances to art exhibitions – all this has been happening over the last 15 years in Mañana creating “this” unique atmosphere, famous not only in Wrocław. We helped the owners of the club to collect all these emotions and memories and close it in the form of unique artworks on the pages of the folder.

Type of activity:

Music club

Time of execution:

2 months

The scope of our work:

Graphic design and printing of the folder commemorating the 15th anniversary of the Mañana Club