KGHM Cuprum

KGHM Cuprum is the leader of the R&D industry in Poland. The company has been growing intellectual and research capital for the entire KGHM Group for over 50 years, so creating a modern image of the company was extremely rewarding for us. The biggest challenge was to design a coherent identification, which would allow for the development of the company’s visual DNA. Innovation and the latest technologies had to be juxtaposed with the traditional image of mining and metallurgy, so as to create a unique base graphic. The result was a unique key visual, whose main elements are emblematic hexagons and strong colors. Orange and gold shades refer to the color of copper. Thanks to this system, the KGHM Cuprum brand has gained a fresh image, which allows it to emphasize its visual identity, and thus effectively stand out from the competition and consolidate its position as the industry leader.

Type of activity:

Research and Science Centre

Time of execution:

6 months

The scope of our work:

Key visual
Visual Identity System