Horse racing. Wrocław

The opening of the horse racing season at the Partynice racecourse is a festive occasion every year. The atmosphere of spring, birdsong in the air, hoofbeat on the ground, and enclosing it all: vast green areas and spacious stands for the audience… It is no surprise that the event attracts whole families, groups of friends, and everyone who looks for entertainment and contact with nature. We decided to present the opening of the season in an unconventional way: instead of using a photograph of a horse on the grassy racecourse, we created an industrial-style graphics, full of vivid colours and geometrical forms, and the equestrians were put upon a sterile, white background. This way we emphasized the momentum, the energy, the emotions, which would evoke an impression that the Partynice racecourse is a place that flies with the time itself.

Type of activity:

Leisure facility

Time of execution:

Long-term graphic service

The scope of our work:

Visual identification of events
Design of billboards and other advertising materials
Social media materials design