Our task was to create an information booklet for future employees of NOKIA company. The booklet was to present the future employees, in a laid-back tone, which would break the standard CI, with the information referring to the particular project teams and their tasks, the technologies that they use on daily basis, and the positions that they could acquire in those project teams. The project was to introduce a complete path for the development of the core product – the Base Station, and present the professional and technological possibilities for improving one’s qualifications, as well as a broad range of employee benefits which can be used by the NOKIA employees. As to our assignment, we illustrated the most significant tasks of every project team, using the flat design infographics. Despite the casual character of the publication, we preserved the company’s respective colours.

Type of activity:

Telecommunications technology

Time of execution:

3 months

The scope of our work:

Illustration design
Graphic design of the publication