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Availability, usability, aesthetics

At Orfin Studio we believe that the value of a good website lies in its accessibility and usability, not just its visual layer. For us, creating websites means designing and handing over to you a set of tools that will improve brand promotion and sales of its products. We create responsive websites based on WordPress, the most popular content management system in the world.



Responsiveness and much more

When designing websites, we always take care how they look and perform on different devices, so that your customers have easier access to content, regardless of the device they use to browse the Internet.


Search engine and social media visibility

We know how to make Google correctly display the content of your website and how to make Facebook, LinkedIn and other social media correctly illustrate the links you share. This way, the content you publish on the Internet can be easily noticed.


An effective communication tool

We don’t just sell websites – we give customers the necessary tools they can use to talk about their services and products easily and effectively. Thanks to a simple content management system and accessible instructional videos with narration, you’ll be able to update the site yourself and enrich it with new material – without any programming knowledge.


Performance and security

We use verified and licensed technologies to ensure that websites load quickly and securely. Furthermore, we cooperate with the best hosting companies in Poland and abroad, which gives our websites the advantage of short loading time and makes the server maintenance affordable.


Personalized or designed?

Regardless of the budget you have at your disposal, we will be able to offer a functional solution based on a unique graphic design or personalization of a commercially available theme.


Simple website expansion

In our design process we consider potential scenarios of expanding the website. We use modular solutions, based on the most popular CMS in the world – WordPress. This allows us to make our websites flexible and enables universal expansion in the future.


First and foremost UX

User Experience, which is the overall experience of a person using a website, is very important to us. We believe that a beautiful but poorly designed website will be of no use to anyone. Therefore, before we sit down to design graphics, we mock-up the website and focus on developing an optimal content architecture.


Website – owned by you

While developing websites, we provide our customers with licenses for commercial modules, thus enabling them to update and expand the site in the future, without our participation. We do not use ethically dubious tricks which make the operation of the website dependent on continuous cooperation with us. After the launching is completed, you become the owner of the website, installed within your own server and domain. It’s as simple as that.


Work with experts

We are proud that our company’s brand has been present on the market for over twenty years. We have an experienced, dedicated team of specialists for creating websites. At every stage of developing a website, we remain at your disposal: We explain, discuss and assist you for the benefit of you and your customers.

We start the project by defining the goal that is to be achieved by the website. We carry out an analysis of solutions used by the competition. We suggest effective methods of communication, create a sketch of content architecture, determine the scope of work and a list of necessary materials.

On the basis of all the acquired information, we prepare functional mock-ups, which visualize the content architecture and general appearance of the designed website. This way we have the possibility to check the adopted assumptions and gain substantial flexibility in introducing changes.

At this stage there is no graphic design, so that people involved in the project can focus on functionality and communication, avoiding dispersion by images, colors, typography.

We turn functional mock-ups into original graphic design – the website gains proper typography, colours, photos and branding elements. Depending on the complexity of the project, we create from several to several dozen different views, which are then coded by the programmer.

We turn flat graphics into functional code. A responsive website is created, with a content modifiable by a content management system.

At this stage we are responsible for the configuration of contact forms, interactive objects, language versions and modules responsible for specialized functions (e.g. product catalogues, calendars, e-commerce functionality).

After finishing work on the development server, we move the complete website to your server – we make the final optimizations, create redirections from the previous version of the website and record instructional videos with narration, which facilitate updating the content on the website.

The websites we create are optimized for fast loading on mobile devices. They also feature metadata that can be read by social networking sites and search engines. The content structure designed by us helps to better position them in the Google search engine.

We prepare sets of short instructional videos with a narrative to help you learn how to update the content of the site. We always record training materials based on your website. This way, you can easily and quickly learn how to manage your website – or pass on materials to your colleagues.

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How do we start a new project?


We talk

We prioritize direct contact. We want to meet you and learn more about your company. We ask many questions to determine the purpose of our cooperation.


We consider

We think about how to achieve what you care about. We analyze and compare so as to choose the right means to achieve the goal.


We concretise

We talk about our idea. We work out the specification, schedule and cost estimate. Together we define an action plan.


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