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It’s an investment that pays off

A clear and consistent image makes it easier to gain an advantage on the market. It influences how the company is perceived by customers, distinguishes it from the competition and increases its recognition. In Orfin Studio, we start building a company’s image by creating a logo and visual identity.



Personal appearance

Your company is the one and only and deserves to look its best. However, it is sometimes difficult to stand out. Luckily, we are ready to bring out its individual character. We believe that when it comes to improving a company’s image, it is vital to make it stand out among competing brands. That is why we bring out and highlight all the distinctive features of your company, which would help your customers associate them exclusively with your brand.



Unique visuals will make it easier for your client to find you and remember your brand owing to its distinctive image. From now on, whenever customers see these particular symbols, they will remember which company provided them with their favourite product or service. Recognition is the key to strengthening your online and market presence.


Brand strengthening

Functional and clear visual identification is essential for building a strong image. We will help you build it step by step. We will develop and design only those branding elements that will be useful for you. Clear visual identification is an effective tool for strengthening and consolidating the image.


Visual brand consistency

Your company is one of a kind – that’s why its coherence is important. What is it? It is a unified and consistently applied visual standard, which enhances customers’ perception of your brand. Consistency maintained in all possible channels of communication between your company and its customers inspires their trust and this way the brand equity is increasing between your company and its customers.


Simple system extension

The system of visual identification, also known as corporate design, directs how the visual aspect of the brand is going to be. The logo, the colours, the typography, the position of the position of specific graphic elements in relation to each other. All of resembles a visual “genetic code” – a universal carrier of information, which enables us to create new projects in regard to basic elements.


Enhancing market advantage

Be recognizable in the industry by your unique visual identity.
We know how to make your company or brand present itself credibly and convincingly and, as a result, stand out from the industry background. We will effectively help you emphasize the qualities that give your brand market advantage over your competitors. This way, your product – paired with our “packaging” – will strengthen your market position.

The logo is the foundation of the company’s identification and a reflection of its core values. A company without a logo is like a man without a face (D. Airley).

We create logos for new companies – the ones that are just beginning to build their image. We also transform existing logos, refreshing them (logo lifting) or introducing a real revolution (rebranding).

Visual identity is more than just a logo. It is a specific colour scheme, typography and tips for designing company materials prepared in a way that enables you to maintain a consistent image.

We create Visual Identification Systems, which include basic company materials (business cards, letterhead, folders, notebooks, presentations) and occasional materials (roll-ups, fair stands, exhibition walls, gadgets).

We develop the Brand Books, which describe the structure of the logo and contain detailed guidelines for its proper use. We present the logo in diverse variants – basic, extended, vertical, horizontal, monochromatic, achromatic, etc.

We also create Visual Identification Books – extensive, systematized sets of rules and guidelines that describe how to design a wide range of company identification elements: from basic company materials, through employee clothing, to office and means of transport marking.

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How do we start a new project?


We talk

We prioritize direct contact. We want to meet you and learn more about your company. We ask many questions to determine the purpose of our cooperation.


We consider

We think about how to achieve what you care about. We analyze and compare so as to choose the right means to achieve the goal.


We concretise

We talk about our idea. We work out the specification, schedule and cost estimate. Together we define an action plan.


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